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Deep Cove Rowing Club

The soft light of dawn. An evening sunset. The chuckling sound of water racing past the hull. Boats gliding over mirror smooth water. The muffled thump as the crew swings their oars in perfect unison. Tree covered mountains dropping into deep water. Snow-covered peaks in the distance. Islands close at hand. Being watched by harbour seals. This is rowing in Deep Cove.

2023 Youth Learn to Row sessions are starting

Rowing is a perfect sport for high school age youth. It is a fun way to get fit while enjoying the sights on the water around Deep Cove. You can row with friends or make new friends. Summer Youth Learn to Row sessions start in July and consist of daily 2 hour sessions for a week. Contact for more information and to sign up.


Rowing is not just for olympic athletes. You too can learn to row. Make new friends. Become fit while enjoying world class scenery.

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