The Deep Cove Rowing Club's mission is:
to introduce non-rowers, both youth and adults, to the sport of rowing
to inspire and foster a lifelong passion for the sport of rowing
to develop the skills of each rower in the club
to offer recreational rowing to those who wish to row for fun and/or exercise
to offer competitive rowing to those who wish to test their skills against other rowers
to offer a healthy social setting in which rowing can take place

At the present time, due to physical limitations of our site, the club does not offer adaptive rowing. We would like to offer adaptive rowing at some point in the future.

The club offers rowing to youth starting in grade 8 and to adults of any age. The club primarily serves the communities of North Vancouver and West Vancouver but currently has sufficient resources to handle rowers from other communities. The club's programs are available to all members of the community.

The Deep Cove Rowing Club is a registered non-profit society. The club has very few paid employees. Most functions are handled by volunteers.

The club is a member of both Rowing BC and Rowing Canada. The club does not offer elite level training, but some of our rowers have progressed onward to the elite level in both Canada and the US.

The club's rowing activities and regattas take place in the spectacularly beautiful environment of Deep Cove and Indian Arm.

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