Until very recently, the Deep Cove Rowing Club had not bought any new rowing shells for several years. It has only been due to the generosity of our members that we were able to buy a gently used heavyweight single to replace the badly leaking Deep Blue and a double to take the pressure off our existing heavily used doubles. Despite these purchases, our shells are still aging faster than we are replacing them. We repair the rowing shells whenever they get damaged, but they are wearing out and eventually more shells will become unrepairable. If we allow the current state of affairs to continue, the club will eventually face a crisis of having too few serviceable shells to support our programs.

In the past, the club used BC Gaming grant money to help with equipment purchases. We still receive these grants and we are very grateful to the BC government for their continued support of the club. Unfortunately the school strike a few years ago reduced the number of youth rowers. For a variety of reasons, schools have increasingly become reluctant to let us approach students. This has made it more difficult to attract their interest. We are having to use more indirect approaches to raise awareness. The consequence of all this is that revenue from youth rowers is down. We now use the gaming grant money to fund the operation of all programs.

In order to avoid a crisis, we have to find a way to buy some new or gently used equipment. Our highest priority at the moment is a new quad. Two of our existing quads, Granite and Seymour, are reaching end of life. We can continue to patch them up for a couple of more years, but the time is coming when they will have to be replaced.

We need you, our members, to step up and help us out. Have you enjoyed your experiences rowing with the club? Has your daughter or son enjoyed their experiences? We are asking those of you who are willing and able, to donate towards these new equipment purchases. Any donation of $100 or more can be donated via credit card through the National Sports Trust Fund to get a charitable tax receipt. If you would rather donate using a cheque, you can print off the Taxable Donation Form and mail it and the cheque to the National Sports Trust Fund. Their address is on the form. If you don't need a tax receipt, please feel free to donate directly to the club. We normally acknowledge the support we get on our Supporters web page. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for any support that you can provide. We are also interested in any ideas you have to raise significant funds. If you know of any individuals or companies who might be interested in purchasing naming rights for a shell, we would like to hear about that.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like more information, please email Wendy Moore (club president) at

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