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Are you interested in learning to row, but our Learn to Row program schedule does not work for you? Perhaps you already know how to row, but you would like to get some one-on-one training and feedback on technique. If you are in one of these situations, consider taking a private lesson.

We can schedule a private lesson for just about any time subject to weather and daylight. Pricing is quite reasonable.


There are few prerequisites to take a private lesson.

You have to be capable of carrying a rowing shell. This can involve lifting a weight of up to 50 lbs.

There is a low probability of the rowing shell flipping. Rowers preferably know how to swim. At the very least, rowers should be comfortable enough with deep water that they won't panic and will be able to hold on to the shell until they are assisted by the coach.


We can accommodate just about any schedule. The only constraints are availability of a coach, weather and daylight. We can normally find a coach for just about any time of the day or week with a little notice. We don't row in strong winds. We don't row in the dark or poor visibility.

You do not have to commit to a minimum number of lessons. Take as few or as many lessons as you want.

You do not have to schedule lessons on a set schedule. We will try our best to accommodate your desired schedule subject to the above constraints.


Private lessons are priced per session to accommodate your particular needs. Prices include taxes. Prices do not include Rowing Canada fees (see Registration).

Type of LessonPrice
Try Out Row$30
Double$120 ($60 per person)
Quad$180 ($45 per person)

You pay for the lesson before the lesson starts. We accept payment via credit card, debit card, cheque or cash.


Before you register for the first time for a private lesson, send an email to or call 604-929-4510 to talk about your goals, check on coach availability and to get any questions answered.

Registration is a two step process: filling out the forms in the registration package and registering with Rowing Canada.

Please fill out the forms and bring them to your first session.

It is imperative that you register with Rowing Canada on their membership web site. Rowing Canada provides insurance and support services to rowers and clubs. Most important from your perspective is the insurance coverage. Unless you register with Rowing Canada, you are not covered by insurance. To row with the Deep Cove Rowing Club, you must have an active membership with Rowing Canada. An annual membership runs from April of each year to March of the following year. A membership covers you for all programs at all rowing clubs in Canada. You must sign up again each year to continue rowing. There is a fee and you can either pay it on the Rowing Canada web site or you can pay it to us and we will pass it on to Rowing Canada for you.

You can access the registration forms and the Rowing Canada membership web site using the two buttons at the bottom of this program information list.

Refund Policy

You pay for the lesson when you show up, so there is no need for a refund if you have to cancel or reschedule. There are no refunds after the lesson has started.


You or your group will have a dedicated coach for the lesson.

Boat Assignment

The coach will assign you to a shell based on your current skill level, the numbers of rowers taking the lesson, current water conditions and desired learning outcomes.

Course Content

Lesson content will be determined by the coach considering your goals. If you are new to rowing, you should refer to the course content for the Adult Learn to Row program.


We launch shells from a gravel beach. You will have to wade into the water to mid shin depth. Wear foot and lower leg wear that you don't mind getting wet. The gravel is rough and there are barnacles, so some type of footwear is necessary. Flip-flops are not a good idea, because they do not stay on. Neoprene and rubber kayak shoes, plastic clogs or even boots work well.

Dress in layers. Clothing should be snug. Loose shorts or pants will get caught in between the seat and the slides. Loose tops will catch the oar handles. There should be no open pockets on the front of the torso to prevent the oar handles from catching. We row if there is rain.

The program does not require strenuous effort. Nevertheless, you may wish to bring water.

Registration - Step 1

Fill out the necessary forms


Registration - Step 2

Register with Rowing Canada

Rowing Canada

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