Deep Cove Classic Regatta

The Deep Cove Classic Regatta was changed for 2019. It is now a 7.75 km head race in the scenic setting of Indian Arm. The course starts at the government dock, goes out to Racoon Island past the north 5 knot buoy, clockwise around Racoon, down to Jug Island, through the passage at Jug, back to Deep Cove, around the south 5 knot buoy and on to the finish line just offshore of Panorama Park.

The regatta is open to juniors, seniors (masters AA), and masters rowers. Canadian rowers must be registered with Rowing Canada. US rowers must be registered with the US Rowing Association.


Refer to the overall course map and the detailed image of the course around Racoon Island below.

There is a large yellow inflatable regatta buoy immediately to the NW of Racoon Island. This buoy marks rocks on the west side of Racoon. Shells must pass outside of this buoy. Do not, do not pass between this buoy and Racoon Island. Any shell damage or destruction resulting from failure to heed this rule is your responsibility.

It is very dangerous for two boats to row beside each other through the passage at Jug Island. Consequently, there is a no passing zone in the passage. If two or more overlapping boats enter the no passing zone, trailing boats must fall back into single line in the order in which their bows enter the no passing zone. If two boats' bows enter the no passing zone at the same time, the boat on the outside of the turn around Jug Island must fall back into single line. A time penalty will be assessed against any boat that does not promptly adhere to the no passing zone rule. Any boat that ignores the no passing zone rule will be disqualified.

Boats must pass on the shore side of the south white and orange 5 knot speed buoy at the outer edge of Deep Cove. A time penalty will be assessed against any boat not going around this buoy.


The regatta is conducted in two flights. This provides some flexibility for setting up crews.

There are events for three age groups:

  • junior
  • open
  • masters

The following boat classes will be raced:

  • single
  • double
  • quad
  • four
  • eight

At the present time, we do not offer sweep races for pairs.

Crews are handicapped.

Races are conducted under the Rowing Canada rules of racing. Rowing Canada umpires will officiate.


Registration is being handled at Regatta Central.

Fees are as follows:

  • eights - $140
  • quads/fours - $90
  • doubles/pairs - $50
  • singles - $30


The regatta is held at Panorama Park in Deep Cove. There is lots of room for family and friends to watch the racing. Rowers race towards the finish line just offshore of the park.

There is lots of room to set up canopies. As the weather for this regatta can be cool and/or rainy, please be prepared for inclement weather.

The regatta is held in the morning. We are usually finished by early afternoon. There are lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. There are washrooms with showers in the park.

A first aid service will be present in case of an injury.


Click above to access detailed weather including an hourly forecast.


Regattas are only possible due to the efforts of numerous volunteers. If you have some spare time, we would appreciate your help. We will provide any necessary training. Sign up on the Deep Cove Classic Signup Genius page.

Deep Cove Classic @ Signup Genius

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